About this site

If it’s free you may like to know about it this is what I do on this site I tell people about free stuff. But as you know that not everything in life is free that is why I sometimes write about paid products, Gadgets and hardware. However I never say unless that I have bought them myself that they are good or bad. Mostly I try to stick with who a product is for even though I have no use whatsoever for it as different tastes require varied products.

My Gadget and Product Reviews

Most Products Reviewed on this site are from the perspective who they are for and not I bought them myself unless I say so in the article. I am affiliated with some affiliate networks and will earn a commission should you buy through this blog. The money is one of the reasons I do this but I also am a bit of a gadget junkie but most of the stuff I bought myself is still being used weekly and not thrown to the side.

Blogging Related Blog Posts

I used to do most of my blog posts about blogging but as the niche is too widely covered and needed to show some blogging theory in practice so readers could get an idea of promoting products on a blog to make money online I started posting about products instead and it’s paying off most of the time anyway, This way I show examples of making money with blogs and not just empty theory with no examples of a method that works.

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